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S.L. Council OKs budget that restores several posts

The Salt Lake City Council Thursday approved a budget for the next fiscal year, starting July 1, which restores several positions in the police, fire and other departments that the council had originally cut.

Council members have been anxious to put a relatively large percentage of general fund monies into infrastructure improvements, more than Mayor Deedee Corradini had been willing to dedicate. She wanted the money to go toward funding services, and the disagreement turned into an impasse.But the certified tax rates, which came from county offices Tuesday, revealed a $1.2 million overage from what city budgeters had originally estimated, and that solved the problems. Corradini got her police officers and firefighters, and the council got its infrastructure funding.

While Corradini and Council Chairman Keith Christensen had worked out a preliminary budget agreement Tuesday, the entire council did not approve it until Thursday. The action was tentative -- the final approval will not be until July 6 because of a legally mandated 10-day meeting notice requirement.