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TV questions and answers

Question: Wasn't Danno (James MacArthur) of "Hawaii Five-0" shot and killed while on a domestic call and died in Jack Lord's arms on the last episode featuring Danno? -- Atlanta fan

Answer: James MacArthur quit the show during the hiatus after the 1978-79 season leaving writers no chance to script his departure. Det. Chin Ho Kelly (Kam Fong), however, was killed off in the 1977-78 season finale episode. MacArthur reprised his role in a 1997 pilot in which Dan "Danno" Williams had become the governor of Hawaii. Gary Busey starred as Steve McGarrett. The pilot was never aired. Now, the widow of "H50" creator and original producer Leonard Freeman has gotten the green light to proceed with a big-screen version of the long-running police drama. No casting announcements have been made.Question: Please provide some information about one of my favorite actors -- Bill Campbell ("The Rocketeer"). Didn't he star in a short-lived TV series as a private investigator in a tropical setting? Will the TV movie he starred in with Roma Downey be repeated in the near future? What's his latest project? -- D.W., Mesquite, Texas

Answer: Bill Campbell was first introduced to TV audiences in 1981 as Steve Carrington's gay lover on "Dynasty." He made his movie debut 10 years later in "The Rocketeer." The actor's resume includes a 1993 "Moonlighting" clone "Moon Over Miami," in which he teamed with "Profiler's" Ally Walker to play a Florida private investigator. Last year, he starred with Roma Downey in the TV movie "Monday After the Miracle." As of this writing, a repeat has not been scheduled. This fall, Campbell and Sela Ward ("Sisters") get a six-week try-out in the new series "Once and Again," the story of two divorcees who fall in love. The new series will air in "NYPD Blue's" Tuesday night spot until October. Campbell turns 40 on July 7.

Question: UPN's "Thumb Wars" parody was hilarious. Is there any way to order videos? -- A.C., Seattle, Wash.

Answer: There are a limited number of the half-hour videos available. Call 1-800-546-4247 to order ($9.99, plus $3.50 shipping and handling). "Thumb Wars," Steve Oedekerk's half-hour "Star Wars" parody, aired on the UPN network in May.

Question: Who played the lead in the TV series "Lucky"? I think it took place on a gambling ship off the coast of California. Cary Grant starred in the movie. -- J.A.G., Hemet, Calif.

Answer: John Vivyan played the suave gambler in the TV version of "Lucky," which aired during the 1959-60 season on CBS. The Blake Edwards production co-starred Ross Martin and featured theme music by Henry Mancini. This was the only starring role for Vivyan, who had appeared in the movie "Imitation of Life." He continued to appear on stage and in TV guest roles during the 1960s until a heart attack put him in semi-retirement. His last TV appearance was on a 1983 "Simon & Simon" episode. He died that same year.

Question: Please name the artist and music that played during the final episode of "Providence." Sydney's (Melina Kanakaredes) boyfriend mentioned it was an Italian tenor. -- W.W., Dallas

Answer: The music was "Con Ti Partiro" from Andrea Bocelli's "Romanza" CD.

Question: Recently I saw "O Pioneers!" with Jessica Lange. In the movie, she had a younger brother named Emil. Who is the actor who played Emil and what had he been in previously? -- J.M., via e-mail

Answer: That was Reed Diamond in the 1992 telefilm based on the Willa Cather's novel. Diamond is best known as Det. Mike Kellerman on "Homicide: Life on the Street." He also starred in the Danielle Steel TV movie "Full Circle."

Question: Do you know the status of the movie "The High and the Mighty" based on the 1953 Earnest Gann novel of the same name? The movie starred John Wayne and Robert Stack. Has the movie ever been released for either TV or video viewing? -- C.N., Sacramento, Calif.

Answer: The 1954 film about passengers on an airliner about to crash is no longer on the market. It is one of the John Wayne titles owned by Batjac Productions, Wayne's old movie company, which is now controlled by his son, Michael. Batjac is apparently waiting for the right time to re-release "The High And the Mighty.