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Spotlight on historic sites

John Johnson Home

Visitors can learn more about the Prophet Joseph Smith at the John Johnson Home in Hiram, Ohio -- where the Prophet lived from September 1831 until September 1832.When the two-story, five-bedroom home was built in 1828, it was one of the finest in the area. The Prophet received 16 revelations in the house, located at 6203 Pioneer Trail in Hiram, about 32 miles south of Kirtland. On March 24, 1832, Joseph Smith was also dragged by a mob from a bedroom in the home and tarred and feathered.

Elder Gene Mortensen, a full-time missionary serving at the historic site, said that in 1998, 16,426 people visited the home, furnished in an 1830-time frame. Free 45-minute tours of the house are available from 9 a.m. to dusk.