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Need road, not rail

The editors of the Deseret News should applaud Merrill Cook for standing by his word that he would not support east-west light rail without a vote of the people. We voted against light rail, but the Utah Transit Authority built it anyway.

Now, the same forces that ran roughshod over the taxpayers are trying to force through an east-west light rail against the wishes of the majority of the voters in the state.There is a better way. The nearly one-half billion dollars UTA is trying to grab would fund the development of a high speed north-south commuter corridor (from Brigham City, Box Elder County, through Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo to Springville in Utah County.) This use of limited tax dollars would serve the majority of the citizens of the state rather than the tiny handful that would use east-west light rail.

Mass transit cannot be accomplished when the very limited funds available are siphoned off to support systems that the voters have rejected and will not use.

Mills Crenshaw

Salt Lake City