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Adults were childish

First, I would like to thank Karl Malone for the MVP certificate he gave the fans as well as buying us all hot dogs and drinks. I think it was very kind of him to take time out of his busy day and give his time to us, as well as bringing his personal cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other memorabilia for us to see.

I am very angry at the fact that the adults took all of his time just to get pictures and autographs when he said he wanted to answer questions from fans. Many adults and very young children just walked onto the court without being called on to get a picture with him. By monopolizing his time, these rude adults prevented us kids, who were trying to obey the rules, from having a chance to meet him. We were pushed and shoved aside many times by people who should have been setting a good example for us kids to follow.For appropriate behavior in public, I think the adults of the valley need to look down. The kids at this memorable event were better behaved than the adults were.

Brad Townley

Age 10 Years

Sandy, Utah