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Gun editorial was illogical

In your June 15 editorial opinion, "Be realistic about gun debate," you display poor logic in the cause and effect foundation of realism. Do concealed gun permittees in schools or churches cause the tragic incidents such as the one at the Columbine High School and in Arkansas? That same logic would suggest that armed policemen are responsible for gang and drug violence. British bobbies are unarmed, yet violent crime is evident there as well. In Switzerland, guns are a prevalent part of the culture, but violent crimes are much lower than in Britain, with about half of these being perpetrated by non-Swiss citizens.

What I see and hear in your editorials, cartoons and news reports along with radio ads is a propaganda push nearing mass hysteria that all guns are bad and that we must do all we can to keep them out of the hands of youths and the mentally ill. Are the concealed carry permittees under age 21 and are they mentally ill? Really we are using guns as a scapegoat rather than facing our failure as parents, educators, community leaders and judges to inculcate responsibility and morality in our youth. Blaming guns is the easy way out.

Joseph Papenfuss

Fountain Green