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Mom switched at birth may get son back

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- Kimberly Mays, once at the center of a custody battle after learning she was switched at birth, is making progress toward regaining custody of her 1-year-old son, a child welfare official said Friday.

Yvonne Vassel, a spokeswoman for the Florida Children & Families Department, said Mays "is making excellent progress on her case plan," which involves either parenting classes, counseling or a psychological evaluation. Citing privacy concerns, she would not say which options Mays chose.Mays' son, Deven, was taken from the care of Mays and her estranged husband, Jeremy Weeks, and placed in a foster home in April for reasons that the agency hasn't disclosed.

Earlier this month, Weeks received a temporary restraining order against his wife, saying Mays had slapped and hit him, brandished knives and been verbally abusive during the course of their two-year marriage.

Weeks has yet to agree to a case plan to meet the requirements for regaining custody of his son, Vassel said.

At a family court hearing Friday, the judge set another hearing for the week of July 26 in which Mays and Weeks will explain what progress they have made.

Mays was switched at birth in 1978 at a hospital with another baby. The mixup was discovered in 1988 and resulted in a lengthy custody battle between her biological parents and Robert Mays, who raised her.