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2 fires rage in Utah County

Brush fires continued to burn Saturday in Utah County's Cedar Valley and on West Mountain.

Officials say the fires illustrate the tinder-dry conditions that exist in the area and are urging particular caution as the Fourth of July holiday approaches."Please tell people to be careful and to remember that fireworks are not allowed on any Bureau of Land Management or Forest Service land. Things are really drying out there," said Kathy Jo Pollock, spokesman for the forest service.

Pollock didn't say the two blazes were human caused, as both are still under investigation, but she did say there has not been any lightning in the areas now burning.

The fire in Cedar Valley has burned grass and sage on 4,500 acres. Pollock said crews were expecting containment Saturday evening by 8 p.m. and control by 8 p.m. today.

"That one is looking good," she said. "The temperatures are not as high and we're not expecting winds."

The fire in the West Mountain area has burned 2,000 acres in steep terrain that's more difficult to access than the fire in Cedar Valley.

Containment is estimated to come by 6 p.m. today and officials aren't yet estimating when it will be considered under complete control.

Helicopter drops were augmenting the efforts of ground crews Saturday afternoon.

Neither fire was threatening structures or people, Pollock said.