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Tow-truck driver finds wife and son dead at crash site

SANGER, Calif. (AP) -- A tow-truck driver making a routine stop at a wreck Friday discovered that his wife and son had been killed in the accident.

Paul Gonzalez was called by the California Highway Patrol to tow cars from the wreck at about 11 a.m.His wife, Brenda Lee, 28, and their son, Jacob Paul, 3, were killed when her car suddenly lost control, turned on its side and skidded into another vehicle, the patrol said. The couple's daughter, Heather, 2, was hospitalized in critical condition.

The driver of the other car, Betty Almanzar, 63, was airlifted to a hospital with major injuries, the patrol said.

Jack Hudson, who runs a towing company, said the patrol chooses towing companies at random from a list. Gonzalez, who runs an upholstery business, just happened to be chosen that day, he said.

"Paul's got one child in the hospital, so he's just trying to do his best to regain his composure and to deal with this," Hudson said.