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80-mile trail network proposed in Dixie

ST. GEORGE (AP) -- A cluster of communities in southern Utah is devising a plan to create a trail network running about 80 miles from Gunlock Reservoir to Zion National Park.

Three Rivers Trail, as it would be known, would allow people to bike, in-line skate, ride horses or walk to the park on a meandering greenway along the Virgin and Santa Clara rivers and Ash Creek. It might also pass through historical and recreational sites such as the Grafton ghost town, and connect to the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.The trail is still in the planning stages but would connect several already existing paths, with Washington County helping with funding.

Bob Nicholson, St. George's community development director, said the plan would be a major boon for tourism.

"The motel industry is soft, and it would be great to get people to stay another night," he said.