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Listen to students on guns

As a student at Copper Hills High I am particularly concerned with problems of gun-related school violence. Over the past few years the rate of school violence has increased and its results have become more devastating. As Gov. Leavitt considers calling a special session of the State Legislature to address the problem, it amazes me that so many Republicans are opposed to it. It angers me that these legislators are controlled more by special interests, namely the NRA, than their own consciences.

I would encourage our state leaders to talk to and listen to students on their concerns about gun violence in schools. After all, the issue concerns them the most. It is time that the politicians of our state listen to those affected, not special interests, and address this issue rather than run away from it. It is time that we put aside partisan differences and unite. Let us come together and discuss ways we can help lower this awful trend. Let us encourage more students to be involved in their schools and let us pray that we can at least solve this problem to any extent.Ryan Thomas

South Jordan