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Utah State Park of the week: Anasazi Indian State Park

Location: Situated at the base of the Boulder Mountains, 28 miles east of Escalante on U-12.

Type: Heritage ParkFeatures: There is a museum and archeological dig site, but no camping spots. There are picnic tables and eating area. The dig site has uncovered early Kayenta Anasazi Indian ruins. Visitors can take self-guided tour. There are exhibits inside the museum as well as a theater and glass-enclosed storage area of uncovered artifacts.

Points of interest: This is the northern most discovery site of the Kayenta Anasazi Indians and one of the largest sites west of the Colorado River. At one point, the village held about 200 residents. Also a restored dwelling.

Near: Located along Highway 12, which is listed among the best scenic roads in the country. Bryce Canyon National Park is located to the west, Capitol Reef National Park is east of the museum. Also close to Kodachrome Basin and Escalante state parks, Calf Creek Recreation Area and town of Escalante. Good fishing on the Boulders and excellent hiking around the Escalante area.