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BELFAST -- The British and Irish governments Tuesday delayed a long-awaited report on the disarmament of the Irish Republican Army as Northern Ireland's rival negotiators struggled to come to terms.INDIA

DRAS -- The Indian army recaptured a towering peak close to the frontier with Pakistan Tuesday in a fierce battle that claimed dozens of lives, officers said.


TOKYO -- Heavy rains and flash floods swept through southwestern Japan on Tuesday, killing at least seven people, grounding flights and shutting down train lines and highways.


MUNICH -- A German was convicted of treason Tuesday for providing technology to Iraq that could be used to make nuclear weapons.


LUSAKA -- Foreign and defense ministers met Tuesday to iron out differences over the most detailed plan yet to end the Congo civil war, a conflict that has enveloped most of central Africa.


ZAGREB -- A former World War II concentration camp commander denied Tuesday that he had tortured and killed inmates and accused surviving prisoners of lying about him in court.


BADME -- Ethiopia successfully repelled an Eritrean attempt to recapture the territory where their bloody border conflict began more than a year ago, a senior officer said.


MOSCOW -- An American missionary and teacher was freed Tuesday after more than seven months of captivity in Chechnya.


DILI -- A rock-throwing mob attacked U.N. staff and ransacked their office during an anti-independence protest Tuesday in East Timor, injuring several people, a U.N. official said.


GUATEMALA CITY -- A former judge has filed a criminal complaint accusing Guatemala's next defense minister and two other top military officials of masterminding the killing last year of Catholic Bishop Juan Gerardi.


COLOMBO -- Sri Lanka said Tuesday that more than 250 Tamil Tiger rebels had been killed in the military's latest offensive in the northwest of the Indian Ocean island.


BRUSSELS -- The Belgian Justice Ministry said Tuesday it was stepping up investigations into a threat of bloodshed by a radical Algerian group and was moving to take measures against the threat.


BUJUMBURA -- Burundian ethnic Hutu rebels killed at least 15 people in a series of weekend attacks on a main road east of the capital, government officials said Tuesday.


BANGKOK -- Thai businessmen are making a small fortune by luring thousands of swallows into abandoned buildings in southern Thailand and selling their nests.


DHAKA -- Bangladesh will buy eight MiG-29 combat aircraft for $115 million from Russia, the official BSS news agency reported.


AMSTERDAM -- City officials closed Amsterdam's most famous nightclub, the iT, on Tuesday after a police raid uncovered wide-scale drug dealing.