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Jeff Blank's creativity and originality in the kitchen have made him one of the most "colorful" chefs in the country. With exec chef Jay Moore, Hudson's on the Bend Restaurant has put Austin, TX on the food map (yep, George double-ya et there a cuppula times).Their philosophy - Cook Fearlessly! And they do - throwing out conventional wisdom about what you ought to eat, and what goes with what.

"Who's to say what goes with rattlesnake, anyway," they say.

And the flaming hats? Perhaps their version of fon "doo."


The Stage Deli, Manhattan's magnet for hungry stars and remaining riff raff since 1937, is now accepting food orders by phone.

And what a deal....A pastrami sandwich plus postage is $39.95; a loaf of "slow baked" rye bread will arrive at your door for $24.95; six plain bagels with a half pound of Nova lox...$42.90.

If you're craving corned beef on rye ($39.95) - and money is no 1-800-STAGE NY. Your order will be delivered (allow 5 business days) in an insulated foam container with ice packs.

Or you can fly to Vegas to nosh at a cousin Stage Deli. LOTS more for your money, honey.


Last week we ran a photo of Kolob Spring Water that when printed, looked more like a bottle of tar than the crystal clear water it actually is.

In an attempt to "show off" the product, we photographed it with a black backdrop. OOPS!

For more info about PURE, PRISTINE, SPARKLING, RADIANTLY BRILLIANT Kolob Spring Water, call owner Max Smith at 1-800-226-9082; or write to 485 W. 120 N., Orem.