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Steelmakers want more tariffs

WASHINGTON -- Domestic steel producers hurt by low-priced imports are pressing ahead with new requests for punitive tariffs despite recent reductions in shipments from Japan and other countries.

The industry filed its latest complaints Wednesday, asking the federal government to impose tariffs on a high-grade product called cold-rolled, flat carbon steel.One steel executive said cases targeting steel rail and tin also are in the works as part of the industry's assault on imports, which reached record levels last year. U.S. producers blame the imports for thousands of layoffs nationwide, including hundreds at Utah's Geneva Steel.

"Many cases have been brought, and I believe more will be brought," said Curtis H. Barnette, chairman and chief executive of Bethlehem Steel Corp. "It's accurate to say there are injurious imports in other product areas."

The cold-rolled complaints came despite reductions in imports by roughly 40 percent since November. U.S. producers say foreign countries continue to flout U.S. trade laws that prohibit unfair pricing practices.