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Iomega debuts Clik! -- a card drive for laptops

ROY -- Iomega Corp. and Citizen Watch Co. have joined forces to produce a Clik! PC Card Drive for laptop computers that fits in a PCMCIA slot.

Iomega expects to sell the drive for $199.99 with shipments beginning in the third quarter of 1999.Clik! features a 40 megabyte disk small enough hide under a business card. Disks sell for $9.99 each in 10-packs. Clik! currently ships with an external drive, powered by a rechargeable battery, designed as an add-on for laptops and hand-held PCs and as a storage option for digital cameras.

Putting the drive in a Type II PCMCIA device allows laptop users to use the 40 megabyte disks without carrying the external drive, battery and cables.

"The Clik! PC Card Drive allows high capacity removable storage to become part of your laptop without carrying anything else," said Michael Joseph, vice president of Clik! product management.

Roy-based Iomega said it is not advertising the new drive's use in PCMCIA-equipped hand-held PCs because existing hand-helds may not have beefy enough batteries to support the drive.

"It may work, but we're not promoting it," said spokeswoman Michelle Sibbitt. As it is, some Windows CE-based hand-helds suggest having the computer plugged in to AC power before using flash memory.

"We believe that our new Clik! PC Card Drive has the potential to do for notebook users what our Zip drive did for the desktop," said Jodie K. Glore, Iomega president. "It has the potential in the future to work with any mobile computing device with a PC card slot."