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ANKARA, Turkey -- U.S. warplanes bombed Iraqi command and control facilities after being fired on by Iraqi anti-aircraft artillery in the northern no-fly zone, the U.S. military said.RUSSIA

MOSCOW -- President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree commuting the death sentence for all of the convicts on death row, a news report said. Yeltsin had been planning to take the action for some time and is pushing the reluctant parliament to abolish the death penalty altogether.


RIYADH -- King Fahd was released from a hospital in good health after undergoing a series of medical tests, a hospital statement said.


CAIRO -- Parliament overwhelmingly nominated President Hosni Mubarak for a fourth six-year term. In Wednesday's final tally, 443 of the 454-member People's Assembly voted in favor of the nomination.


VIENNA -- Salvage teams have retrieved seven more bodies from an Alpine tunnel after a devastating weekend fire, bringing the death toll in the blaze to 12, Salzburg's governor said.


WEYMOUTH -- A sudden storm ripped through a regatta Wednesday, capsizing 77 vessels. All the crew members made it safely to shore, but one sailor was hospitalized, apparently suffering from hypothermia.


MUDANYA -- Armed Kurdish rebels accused the Turkish media of belittling their leader Abdullah Ocalan, on trial for treason, and said their patience was running out.


YEREVAN -- Defense Minister Vazgen Sargsyan, who led his Unity bloc to victory in Armenia's parliamentary election on Sunday, will probably be named prime minister next week, government sources said.


JAKARTA -- Opposition leader Megawati Sukarnoputri told tens of thousands of supporters that victory in Monday's general election was within their grasp.


ACAPULCO -- An unusually large wave crashed ashore at this Pacific coast tourist resort Wednesday, killing one person and almost sinking a ship, officials said.


NEW DELHI -- A bomb concealed in a bag exploded outside a police station here. Police said at least 30 people were injured.


SEOUL -- An elderly Korean-American threw paint in the face of former South Korean president Kim Young-sam, whom he blamed for throwing the country into economic crisis.


HELSINKI -- Justice Minister Johannes Koskinen said he backed a proposal to allow homosexual couples to register their unions in the same way as married heterosexuals, paving the way for a change in the law.


ABUJA -- The new national assembly opened Thursday, ending more than 15 years of lawmaking by military decree in Africa's most populous nation.


ROUEN -- A 87-year-old Frenchman went on trial Thursday charged with beating and strangling his 83-year-old wife after finding love letters from a man age 80 under her pillow.