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Wide media interest

Referred to by some national news reports as "Utah's trial of the century," David Ortell Kingston's incest trial has generated wide media interest.

Besides representatives from all local television, radio and print organizations, the Scott M. Matheson Courthouse was a destination this week for representatives of several regional and national news organizations, such as the Los Angeles Times and the TV newsmagazine show "20/20," said Jan Thompson, Administrative Office of the Courts communications director.L.A. Times Western Bureau Chief Julie Cart is feeding information to organizations associated with the Times-Mirror newspaper chain, Thompson said. NBC is following the story daily.

Calls also have been received from the BBC and a news station in Paris. Even Geraldo Rivera has tried, unsuccessfully, to get local journalists to appear on his nightly cable-TV show.

Just before the trial started Tuesday, 3rd District Judge David Young received a call from a New York news bureau asking if the trial could be stalled until one of its reporters arrived, Thompson said. The trial started on schedule, and the jury is expected to return a verdict Thursday.

"I imagine there will be more calls this morning in anticipation of closing arguments and the verdict," Thompson said.