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Some possible violations in Atlanta's bid for Games

Details of potential violations by Atlanta officials bidding for the 1996 Olympics, included in a report released Wednesday by the Georgia Amateur Athletic Foundation:Thirty-eight violations of the $200 individual gift limit, including:

$948 for a carburetor kit for an unknown type car for Bashir Mohamed Attarabulsi, the IOC member from Libya. Attarabulsi has since resigned.

$875 for a bulldog for Manuel Gonzalez Guerra of Cuba.

$616.25 for a Tiffany jewelry box to IOC Executive Committee member Un Yong Kim of Korea, who has been censured by the IOC.

$318 for a set of surgical instruments for Cameroon's Rene Essomba.

$474.88 for a ruby pin for Ecuador's Agustin Arroyo.

$457.24 for a Steuben crystal sailboat sculpture for Finland's Peter Tallberg.

Six violations of the rule limiting IOC members to one companion per official visit:

Seiuli Paul Wallwork of Western Samoa, two companions in September 1989, $20,616.50 (included a side trip to Savannah). Wallwork was expelled by the IOC in the wake of the Salt Lake City scandal.

Lamine Keita of Mali, two companions in late July-early August 1990, $14,858.87 (included a side trip to Orlando, Fla.). Keita also was expelled by the IOC.

Phil Coles of Australia, two companions in July 1989, $13,053.21. Coles was censured by the IOC in the wake of the Salt Lake City scandal.

Jean-Claude Ganga of Republic of Congo, three companions in September 1989, $8,323.75. Ganga also was expelled by the IOC.

Fidel Mendoza Carrasquilla of Colombia, two companions each on trips in September 1989 and July 1990, total cost $7,773.10 (included a side trip to Savannah in 1990).

Pirjo Haeggman of Finland, three companions in November 1989, $2,786.10.