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New drain fees to take effect in Spanish Fork

SPANISH FORK -- A storm-water drainage utility fee established this week will take effect with the July city billings.

The monthly fee of $1.50 per every equivalent service unit, or ESU, will be added to every single-family and duplex residence. For larger buildings, including commercial structures, the ESU will be $1.50 for every 3,200 square feet of impervious surface.The new fee is estimated to raise $126,000 the first year, City Manager Dave Oyler said. The money will be used to maintain the city's storm-drainage system and some storm-drainage construction, he said. Previously, the money to maintain those systems came from other utilities, primarily electricity fees, he said.

The new storm-water drainage ordinance prohibits dumping into a storm drain, gutter, ditch or other structure that drains storm water but doesn't restrict normal runoff. The ordinance also says that federal requirements make it necessary for local governments to develop storm-water management programs.

The City Council established the fee at its Tuesday meeting.