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Nachtmusik hits right notes in season's last concert

NACHTMUSIK, Marden Pond conducting, with guest soloists; Tuesday, June 29, 8 p.m. SCERA Shell, Orem. One performance only.

Saving the best for last, Nachtmusik served up one of its best performances ever Tuesday in the ensemble's final concert of this season. Playing before a large and enthusiastic crowd in the outdoor SCERA amphitheater, music director Marden Pond and Nachtmusik gave a first-rate concert of music by Mozart and his contemporaries.The crowning achievement of Tuesday's program was the concert performance of Mozart's short comic opera, "The Impresario." The performance also featured the vocal talents of four outstanding singers: sopranos Diana Walker Neve and Shawna Gottfredson, tenor Thomas Glenn and baritone Barry Bounous.

Neve and Gottfredson have strong voices that can also be lyrical when needed. And they had ample opportunity to show off their considerable talents in their respective arias.

Glenn has a warm voice that blended remarkably well with the sopranos. Bounous, on the other hand, didn't have too much to sing. That was unfortunate because he has a full, rich voice that is both mellow and expressive.

The first half of the concert was made up of several shorter works. It included two numbers from Gluck's opera "Orpheus and Eurydice:" "The Dance of the Furies" and "The Dance of the Blessed Spirits." Nachtmusik gave a nuanced and well-defined performance of the former that brought out the frenzied, wild character of the piece. And the latter was played with a tenderness that underscored the stately nature of the music, without sentimentalizing it. The two flutists of Nachtmusik, Lynnette Lewis and Lynnelle Haas, were wonderful in this movement.

Trumpeter Robert Peterson was a soloist in the second movement from Leopold Mozart's Concerto for Trumpet. He gave a refined performance that highlighted the lightness of the music.

The first half opened and closed with overtures by Wolfgang Mozart. The first piece was the overture to "La Clemenza di Tito." The orchestra came on strong here and gave a solid performance of this brief movement.

The overture to "The Marriage of Figaro" rounded out the program. This, too, was another superb performance. It was an intelligent and masterful performance of this musical gem.