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Manhunt ends in capture

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) -- An escaped killer was recaptured after evading police for two days in a swampy woodland populated by alligators, wild pigs and poisonous snakes.

A rookie Texas corrections officer spotted a man in boxer shorts Tuesday and called for backup. Clifford Jones was nabbed a short time later, 49 hours after his escape."I was just tense," said Timothy Ritch, a former oil-field machinist in his second month on the job as a corrections officer. "When he heard me holler for the sergeant, he ran up a tree. I shouted to my sergeant I had the inmate in sight."

Jones surrendered without incident.

"He looked a little ragged," Lt. George McDonald said. "He was muddy. It looked like he was ready to give up."

Jones was charged with escape and taken to a prison near Wichita Falls. Warden Rick Thaler said Jones' only noticeable injuries were scratches and numerous insect bites.

Jones, 33, was serving 26 years for murder, attempted murder and assault.