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Guns and NRA are not evil

John Lodefink's letter, Sunday May 30, defined the source of all evil in the United States and U.S. politics: guns and the NRA. Nowhere does he criticize a political system which leads to the abuses that occur from lobbying. But maybe he only considers it evil when someone with an opinion different than his own does the lobbying.

The real clincher comes with his opinion that guns are evil. Put a gun, a completely inanimate object, in the hands of someone and suddenly this average, non-violent person starts thinking about killing people and shooting things. Through some invisible force, these guns give a normal human-being rage and anger that did not exist before.Is it too much to expect that people are capable of self-restraint? This is the liberal mentality. After all, if we can't expect our own president to control himself in the presence of White House interns, how can we expect people to know when to use a weapon?

The writers of the Constitution understood that giving power to the people was a good thing. Today the popular psychology likes to use the term "empowerment." Of course, with that comes responsibility.

If the majority of gun owners were not responsible, most neighborhoods would look like swiss cheese. If Lodefink doesn't trust himself with a gun, he shouldn't own one. But his comment that gun owners scare him is ridiculous. If he wants to see something scary, he should look in a mirror. He would be looking at someone who would take the rights away from others because he thinks he knows what is best for them. Now that's scary.

Bruce A. Nieveen