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NL denies protest over use of replay

NEW YORK (AP) -- This decision is definitely final and not subject to review: The National League denied the Florida Marlins' protest of umpire Frank Pulli's use of a TV replay.

"I certainly agree with the Marlins' position that instant replays should not be allowed in the game, and I sympathize with their concern that Mr. Pulli, in an excess of caution, decided to use a video camera," NL president Len Coleman wrote Thursday."That being said, however, it does not follow that the protest should be sustained."

Coleman held that Pulli's incorrect decision to consult a replay and change Cliff Floyd's home run to a double was a judgment call -- and judgment calls can't be overturned with protests.

"I wasn't really expecting to get a home run out of it," Floyd said in Miami after the decision was announced. "I would have liked for us to get a win out of it. I'm glad it's resolved now."

Greg Gibson, the second base umpire, thought the ball hit off the scoreboard and called it a double. Pulli, the crew chief, changed the call to a homer after Florida argued, and St. Louis then argued. Pulli studied replays on a TV camera near the Marlins dugout, then changed the call back to a double.