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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--DAYLEY, Norma and Todd, Magna, girl, June 1.

PETERSON, Tali and Carl, Sandy, boy, June 2.

SCHMITT, Brooke and Darren, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

SEAL, Audrey and Eugene, Draper, girl, June 2.

SELLERS, Kalynn and Shawn, Salt Lake City, June 1.

SOLLENBERGER, Cynthia, Sandy, girl, June 2.

SPENCER, Tiffany and Chris, Draper, boy, June 2.

TAYLOR, Darci and Darren, West Jordan, boy, June 2.

Davis Hospital--

ADAMS, Stacie and Jeremy, Layton, girl, May 26.

CANALES, Mooly and Hector, Layton, boy, May 25.

DELLER, Erin and Jesse, Layton, girl, May 26.

FLITTON, Ether and Don, Layton, boy, May 26.

HALL, Jodi and Colton, West Bountiful, girl, May 26.

LYLE, Poppy and Zachary, Clearfield, boy, May 25.

MOSES, JanaLee and Thomas, Layton, boy, May 26.

MUSSELMAN, Dawnell and Calvin, Roy, boy, May 26.

NETTLETON, Jacquelyn and Brian, Layton, boy, May 25.

NUSSBAUM, Natalie and Larry, Clearfield, boy, May 25.

RODGERS, Saidee and Paul, Hill Field (AFB), girl, May 26.

WOLFF, T'Ann, and WHEELER, Jeremy, Layton, girl, May 25.

LDS Hospital--

ANDERSON, Troy, and McDONALD, William, Riverton, girl, June 1.

AUSTIN, Lynette and Deverl, Alpine, boy, June 1.

BECK, Carol and Curtis, Centerville, girl, June 1.

BLACKBURN, Amanda, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

BORGENSCHUTZ, Trinity and Justin, Salt Lake City, twin girls, June 1.

BREHM, Kim and Robert, Woods Cross, boy, June 1.

DIAZ, Kathryn and Alex, Layton, girl, June 1.

FAKAHAU, Seini and Tevita, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

GARNER, Andrea and Michael, Bountiful, boy, June 1.

MILES--WEHRLI, Teri, and WEHRLI, Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

MOFFAT, Kristen and Jason, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

PHILLIPS, Andrea and Benjamin, Salt Lake City, boy and girl twins, June 1.

STEINMAN, Stacey and Christopher, Layton, girl, June 1.

WILLIAMS, Heather and Jason, Woods Cross, boy, June 1.

McKay-Dee Hospital--

ALLRED, Etsuko and Daren, Farmingon, girl, May 30.

BARLOW, Anamarie and John, Ogden, boy, May 31.

CAMPBELL, Raquel and Cormick, Clinton, boy, May 30.

CHAMBERS, Tangie and John, Farr West, boy, May 30.

DAYTON, Vonnie, and WRIGHT, Curtis, Ogden, girl, May 31.

GALLEGOS, Lorraine and Jeff, Ogden, boy, May 31.

HANSEN, Jean and Mark, Ogden, boy, May 30.

HOOPER, Jennifer and Richard, Ogden, boy, May 30.

HOUSLEY, Erin and Clay, Clearfield, boy, May 31.

KIRKMAN, Shauna and T. Boone, Clearfield, boy, May 30.

OLSEN, Tami and Trent, Roy, boy, May 30.

TAFUNAI, Amiee and Johnny, Ogden, boy, May 30.

WISER, Elisabeth and William, Ogden, boy, May 31.