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Am.F. probes break-in at doctors' offices

AMERICAN FORK -- Police are investigating a break-in early Friday morning of four physicians' offices at a clinic located one-half block from American Fork Hospital.

Officer Mark Udy, who assisted in the investigation of one of the offices (leased by an internist and a general practitioner), said the burglar stole some petty cash but not much else."It was a forced-entry burglary," Udy said. "They were fishing for something. It wasn't ransacked."

The break-in was reported by hospital security, which monitors the adjacent medical clinic. Police believe the incident occurred between 1:15 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Evidence found at the scene has given police an idea of who the burglar might be, Udy said. "We recovered fingerprints that should assist us in the apprehension of this person."