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How to help yourself or others who are underemployed

With the current job market being so strong, many people don't realize they might actually be underemployed. Getting a job isn't the problem; getting a job that can support your family often is. The following are suggestions:Keep close to the ward employment specialist.This resource person can help you upgrade your pre-employment skills, such as interviewing, job searching, etc.

View the current job search video available in each ward. View the tapes, if needed, and complete the workbook exercises.

Let your ward family know that you are looking for better employment. The best source of finding job leads is through personal contact.

Let your ward employment specialist know of openings in your own company.

Stay active in the Church. Don't be discouraged.

Beware of "get rich quick" schemes. They are often scams.

Upgrade your skills. Computer skills courses are often inexpensive or free through community colleges. Be open to learning new technology.

Attend stake employment nights, if your stake offers them. Often during these meetings, others will remember possible job openings they have heard.

Don't be afraid to look in a different field. Career changes can be very rewarding.

Learn what others in the ward and stake do for a living. Contact these possible resources for their valuable help.


-- Beth Smith, Kansas City, Mo., stake employment specialist