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Gardening tips

Displaying peonies

The best way to show peony and other large blossoms is to cut them with a two-inch stem and float them in a crystal bowl in water. They will last for several days.For more information on growing garden peonies and their pest problems visit Larry Sager's Web site at

Spraying apples

To prevent wormy apples, spray apple and pear trees right now. The preventive spray program requires that the fruit be protected from now until Labor Day. Spray Imidan every 14-21 days, Diazinon every 7-14 days or BT (Dipel or Thuricide) every 3-5 days. The codling moth lays eggs on the skin of the fruit and if they are not sprayed most of your apples will be wormy.

Thursday, June 10: "Utah Snakes: The Swift, the Wary, the Beautiful and the Harmful," Bob Larson, Herpetologist, Hogle Zoo, noon, Red Butte Garden.

Friday, June 11, through Sunday, June 13: Art and Garden Show -- "Nature's Canvas," Gallivan Utah Center, 10 a.m.

Saturday, June 12: Walk on the Wild Side -- Trees and Shrubs of the Foothills, 9 a.m. Red Butte Visitor Center.

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