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Brandi needs a good home

Brandi, 7, born Oct. 3, 1991, is described as a sweet girl who loves "chit-chat" and to be with her friends. Brandi likes to play football and is taking karate and piano lessons. Her goal is to find a loving and secure home.

Brandi is in the first grade in a day-treatment classroom. She is doing very well and is being mainstreamed into a regular education classroom.Brandi came into the foster care system in December 1997. She has been in three placements including her current foster home, and easily built relationships with her foster family. She is working in therapy to express her feelings about past abuse and neglect. She is making progress. She can be bossy and not follow directions at times but has good relationships with both adults and peers.

Brandi should be the youngest child in a family that can be a part of her recovery process and provide her with stability and nurture. Brandi has a brother with whom she will need to remain in contact. Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption is available.

Editor's note: Every week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through The Adoption Exchange. An estimated 35,000 children are considered "special needs" because they are from an ethnic minority, disabled, older or hard to place because several siblings need to be placed together. Anyone interested in a child may call the exchange at 359-7700.