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Police catch motorcyclist at gas station after chase

A motorcycle rider led police on a high-speed chase through miles of Salt Lake streets early Saturday after fleeing a routine traffic stop.

Police finally apprehended a suspect after the rider abandoned his motorcycle and took off on foot.Utah Highway Patrol trooper Bruce Provost stopped a man on a "bullet" motorcycle at 4100 South and Redwood Road for failing to signal a turn. While Provost was checking the motorcycle's license plate, the man took off.

When they reached the Sugar House area, Provost decided to slow down,fearing the high speed through the densely populated area would cause an accident.

Shortly thereafter, the man abandoned his motorcycle at 2400 South and 1150 East and struck out on foot. He was witnessed by a group of early-morning golfers at the nearby Forest Dale Golf Course. Their suspicions aroused, the golfers called Salt Lake police, who caught the suspect five or 10 minutes later at a nearby gas station.

Police say they found illegal drugs, including cocaine and prescription drugs, upon searching the suspect.

A 34-year-old Salt Lake man was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation in 15 offenses, including fleeing from an officer, reckless driving and drug possession.