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Girl Scout cookie sales show 14% gain this year

Girl Scout cookie sales in Utah were the highest this year of any year and up 14 percent over 1998.

More than 6,000 Girl Scouts sold 1.2 million boxes this year. That's an average of 204 boxes per girl -- the highest average in the country, according to Barb Guy of the Utah Girl Scout Council.Some 1,800 Girl Scouts, their parents and volunteers attended a party Saturday at Murray High School to celebrate a successful sale.

Recipients of awards included Samantha Gross, of Clinton, who sold 2,202 boxes; Laura Mellen, West Valley City, 2,100 boxes; and Kate Owen, Salt Lake City, 1,954 boxes.

Guy, who is the council's communications director, said the average troop profit from the sale was $600. An informal survey showed that troops were planning to use their cookie money such things as trips to amusement parks, backpacking and hiking trips, service projects, camps, a wagon train trip, a dinner for parents and a visit to the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.

Thin mints were the top selling cookie, accounting for 33 percent of the sales in the council, followed by Samoas.