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Manti-LaSal to charge camping fees

RICHFIELD -- Overnight camping fees will be charged for the first time on a large portion of the Manti-LaSal National Forest, said forest service officials.

Fee charges on the Manti-LaSal Forest will be in effect in the northern sector of the forest between Schofield and the Ephraim Canyon Road. Forest Supervisor Janette Kaiser said campers will be required to obtain a pass and that revenue from sale of the passes will remain in the district to be used for repair, renewal and restoration of recreation sites.A single night pass will be $3, while $10 will be charged for five nights of camping and a season pass is available for $30. Holders of a Golden Age Passport or Golden Eagle Card will receive a 50 percent discount. Passes are available at the office in Ephraim at 540 N. Main Street.

"The fee area was selected for its high use and the resulting problems that a lot of use causes," said Joe Gallagher, Manti-LaSal recreation staff officer. He said the area has had vegetation loss, erosion, soil compaction, decrease in water quality and an increase in litter and improper disposal of human wastes. He added that larger and more mechanized and motorized camping equipment is having an adverse affect on the forest.