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Thanks for torch run help

To all the great people who helped with the torch run for Special Olympics, June 1 was a very exciting day for my daughter, Jeanna Earl. She got to participate in the Special Olympics Torch run in Davis County. The time and energy to organize any type of a run would be overwhelming to most people. But to try and plan one for a large group of Special Olympians could seem next to impossible.

Thank you so much to the many different people who put hours of effort, time and miles into making this event a reality.To my daughter and her friends from Monte Vista it was as big as any parade seen on television, and it was much more exciting because she was in it .

Thank you again to everyone who helped out -- the great physical therapist at Monte Vista who goes to great length to involve these students, the Davis County Sheriff's Department and all of the police departments in the cities along the torch run.

Thanks for your kindness, patience, willingness, sore feet and compassion.

Mary Earl