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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--BINGHAM, Andrea and Bart, Provo, boy, June 4.

CAMPBELL, Marcy and Darrin, West Jordan, boy, June 3.

CLEMENTS, Cherish and Dennis, Sandy, boy, June 3.

DAVIDSON, Sherrie and Robin, Riverton, boy, June 4.

KELSCH, Hazel and Morris, Salt Lake City, girl, June 4.

KUNZ, Melanie and Adam, Salt Lake City, girl, June 4.

MARSHALL, Codee and James, Sandy, girl, June 4.

NELSEN, Lizabeth and Doran, Salt Lake City, boy, June 3.

RICHARDS, Wendy and Mark, West Jordan, girl, June 4.

SMITH, Sarah and Daniel, Midvale, boy, June 5.

TANNER, Ashley and Sean, Sandy, girl, June 4.

THOMPSON, Tressa, Riverton, boy, June 2.

WALKER, Brenda and Kurt, Kearns, girl, June 4.

WEBB, Roshelle and James, West Jordan, girl, June 4.

WESTON, Sarah and Mark, Riverton, girl, June 4.

WOODHEAD, Laura and Chad, West Jordan, girl, June 2.

Columbia Mountain View Hospital--

AITKEN, Rebekah and Brad, Spanish Fork, boy, May 16.

ALLEN, Nyla and Tom, Spanish Fork, boy, May 26.

BISHOP, Kimra and Garrett, Santaquin, boy, May 20.

BRAILSFORD, Charlene and Kent, Provo, girl, Mat 29.

BRANDON, Devin and Scott, Layton, boy, May 26.

BRISTOW, Angela and Michael, Provo, girl, May 16.

BRITTAIN, Casey and Harvey, Payson, May 23.

BURR, Jill and Brandon, Mt. Pleasant, boy, May 28.

COLEMAN, Kristen ands Sandy, Orem, boy, May 27.

COOMES, Caralee and Kyle, Elkridge, boy, May 21.

COUGHLAN, Kimberlie and Edward, Spanish Fork, girl, May 16.

COX, Rachel and Larry, Spanish Fork, boy, May 18.

CRAWFORD, Johnna and Beau, Spanish Fork, girl, May 25.

DIAMOND, Amanda and Derik, Payson, girl, May 23.

ERICKSEN, Jennifer and Brad, Payson, girl, May 18.

FUNK, Lori and Brett, Cleveland, Emery County, girl, May 28.

GEIGER, Suzanne and James, Provo, girl, May 20.

GOLD, Alice and LaGrande, Provo, girl, May 27.

JACKSON, Amy and Gary, Santaquin, boy, May 27.

JENSEN, Corene and Christopher, Provo, boy, May 21.

JENSEN, Natalie and Mark, Payson, girl, May 21.

JOHNSON, Kristine and Tim, Provo, girl, May 23.

MARSHALL, Stacie and Adam, Spanish Fork, girl, May 20.

McCULLOCH, Lori and Charles, Mapleton, girl, May 20.

MERRILL, Julie and Junius, Spanish Fork, boy, May 26.

MINER, Sandra and Gary, Springville, girl, May 25.

MOSS, Deborah and Brian, Lehi, girl, May 27.

NIELSEN, Lori and Sterling, Spanish Fork, boy, May 27.

NIELSON, Julia and Greg, Orem, boy, May 19.

ROBERTS, Wendy and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, May 21.

SEITZ, Valorie and Derek, Springville, girl, May 27.

SMITH, Jayne and Steven, Lindon, girl, May 27.

SPENCER, Tracy and Reyn, Springville, girl, May 25.

STEVENSON, Amanda and Robert, Springville, boy, May 27.

TRUJILLO, Maria and Juan, Elberta, Utah County, girl, May 29.

VARGAS, Kristine and Timo, Payson, girl, May 26.

VILLAR, Michelle and Jarrod, Payson, twin boys, May 21.

WALKER, Lindy and Scott, Springville, girl, May 18.

Cottonwood Hospital--

ALBERTSON, Jaimee and Daniel, Sandy, girl, June 3.

BROWN, Michelle and Jeff, Salt Lake City, girl, May 26.

CHRISTENSEN, Jamie and Jon, Murray, boy, June 3.

GEORGE, Jennifer and Gary, Sandy, girl, June 4.

HASSOUN, Doha and Mohamad, West Jordan, girl, June 4.

JONES, Debra and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3

MACEY, Janelle and Ryan, Draper, girl, June 2.

MAYNES, Shawna and Kendell, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

OLSEN, Christine and Barney, Salt Lake City, boy, June 3.

PECK, Robyn and Jason, Riverton, girl, June 4.

PUSEY, Brenda and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, June 3.

WOOD, Paula and David, Tooele, boy, June 3.

Pioneer Valley Hospital--

GARDNER, Kristie and Robert, West Valley City, boy, June 2.

MONTANEZ, Kenda and Gary, West Jordan, girl, June 2.

University Hospital--

ANDERSON, Melissa and Joe, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

AVILA, Maria and Francisco, Salt Lake City, boy, May 30.

BYRNES, Cara and Edward, Salt Lake City, boy, May 26.

DAVIS, Dixie, and BROCKWAY, James, Salt Lake City, girl, May 28.

DELBENE, Kelly and Albert, Salt Lake City, twin girls, May 26.

FREESTONE, Dawn and Michael, Kamas, girl, May 27.

HAMLING, Jeanne and Michael, Holladay, boy, May 27.

HIATT, Domonica, Kearns, boy, May 25.

HOLLOWAY, Tifani and Bert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

IENAGA, Keiko, and OLIVEIRA, Xene, Salt Lake City, girl, May 25.

JIMENEZ, Angelica, and VALDIVIA, Guillermo, Salt Lake City, boy, May 28.

LAING, Leighanne and William, Salt Lake City, girl, May 30.

MEJIA, Ana, and ROMERO, Francisco, Murray, girl, May 29.

MEZA, Leslie and David, West Valley City, girl, June 2.

NIELSEN, Julie and Ken, Farmington, girl, May 28.

PRICE, Debra and Tyler, Taylorsville, boy, May 28.

SHAW, Karen and Steve, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.