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Gun curbs aren't answer

I have news for Dave Jones, who was last seen with his campaign staff at a local grade school with banners proclaiming, "Dave Jones for Mayor," and "Bans Guns From School." There is no need to frighten schoolchildren with these signs. Guns are already banned from students and criminals at school.

Schools have a "zero tolerance" for weapons policy. You can't even have toy guns or squirt guns or you will be suspended from school. Even pointing your finger like a gun is discouraged.More news for Jones: The five school shootings that occurred during the '97-'98 school year took place after the 1995 Gun-Free School Zones law was enacted banning guns (including lawfully possessed concealed handguns) within 1,000 feet of a school.

Other news for Jones: Between 1977 and 1995, 15 shootings took place in schools in states without right-to-carry concealed-handgun laws, and only one took place in a state having such a law. There were 19 deaths and 97 injuries in states without right-to-carry laws and one death and two injuries in states with such laws.

People who engage in mass shootings are deterred by the possibility that law-abiding citizens (the very people Jones wants to ban guns from) may be carrying guns.

I guess Jones also hasn't heard the news that criminals don't obey the laws. In fact, banning guns from law-abiding citizens just encourages criminal activity. That's what happened after the "gun-free" school zones disarmed those law-abiding adults and marked schools as easy targets for criminals.

With this news, I would be very uncomfortable sending my children to school if guns are banned from law-abiding citizens. Changing the law will not improve criminal behavior. Children will be "sitting ducks" in gun-free school zones.

With the upcoming special session of the Legislature and Salt Lake mayoral elections, I hope politicians will not try to score "cheap political points" in the horrible aftermath of Columbine by banning guns from schools. I hope they will focus on strengthening families, the fundamental unit of our society.

Janalee Tobias

Women Against Gun Control

South Jordan