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Film R-rated? No photo ID, no ticket

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Clinton won pledges from thousands of movie theaters Tuesday to require photo identification from young people seeking admission to R-rated movies. "They're subject to too much violence through media and cultural contacts," he said.

Clinton denied the move was precipitated by hesitancy among Hollywood executives to embrace his call to reduce violent content in films and predicted that they eventually will join his crusade."There will be a significant number of people in the entertainment industry who will participate in it, because a lot of them said something to me about it," Clinton said.

He said the industry executives' "public ambivalence" is based on their uncertainty about whether they would open themselves to censorship by joining the campaign.

Clinton had challenged the industry to enforce the rating system more strictly in the wake of the shootings in Littleton, Colo.

In response, the National Association of Theater Owners said it would adopt a new policy requiring youths unaccompanied by adults to produce a photo ID before being admitted to R-rated films.