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ANKARA, Turkey -- U.S. fighter planes bombed Iraqi communication installations Tuesday after Iraqi anti-aircraft artillery fired on the warplanes over the northern no-fly zone, the U.S. military said.NORTH KOREA

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea said that a recent U.S. inspection of an underground site had cleared the communist country of suspicion that it might be secretly developing nuclear weapons.


KUALA LUMPUR -- Seventy-three members of the political party led by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad have been dismissed for "disciplinary reasons," news reports said.

KUALA LUMPUR -- A judge lifted a gag order in the sodomy trial of ousted deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, allowing unfettered media coverage of the sensational case that began this week.


WARRI -- Troops patrolling the streets of this southern Nigerian oil industry hub said dozens of people had died in five days of ethnic clashes.


DUSHANBE -- The secular government and the Islamic opposition have resumed stalled talks aimed at cementing peace in this turbulent Central Asian state, a United Nations official said.


REYKJAVIK -- Police stopped a man for drunken driving, only to find they had arrested him 90 minutes earlier for the same offense while he was driving a different car.


MOSCOW -- Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin met with President Yeltsin to gear up for a battle with parliament over laws needed to secure much-needed International Monetary Fund loans.


SIDON -- Unidentified gunmen shot dead four Lebanese judges presiding over a trial in this southern city, security sources said. The motives for the shootout were not immediately known but security officials said the crime could have been linked to two other Palestinian defendants who were also on trial for murder.


AMSTERDAM -- Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok withdrew resignation letters submitted last month by members of his coalition government, following a formal request by Queen Beatrix.


PHNOM PENH -- Charges will be filed against two more former Khmer Rouge officers in connection with the 1994 murder of three Western tourists, a Cambodian prosecutor said.


JOHANNESBURG -- South African police said they had arrested a woman alleged to have castrated her son to make traditional medicine.


SHANGHAI -- Police have closed some 300 cafes here for offering Internet services without required licenses, a newspaper reported.


LONDON -- British Airways said a recorded emergency message had been inadvertently played during a flight to Philadelphia -- the second such incident in as many months.


CALCUTTA -- An Indian woman who had no money to feed her newborn twin sons sold them for $7 each just hours after they were born. The Telegraph daily said the 40-year-old widow of a tea garden worker who died in April was a victim of a food shortage in her northeastern hill state of Tripura.