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W. Jordan Council tightens belts at planning meetings

WEST JORDAN -- It's one of those cost-cutting measures that won't save a lot of money.

But figuring it's the thought that counts, the City Council has voted 6-0 to cease buying food for council members on planning meeting nights every other Tuesday.The "Foodless Tuesday" vote came after West Jordan resident Norm Riggs, one of the organizers of Citizens for Integrity in Government (CIG), complained about the steady increase in municipal spending in recent years.

Calling for some fiscal belt-tightening, Riggs had suggested cutting back on the purchase of food and bottles of water at city meetings as one way to cut costs.

Councilman Brian Pitts made the motion, saying he has no problem discontinuing food purchases "unless it's a special event.

"But the water is free," he said, noting the Dannon company provides bottles of water to the city without charge.

"As long as Dannon is donating the water," Pitts added, "I don't feel the least bit guilty about drinking it."