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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Columbia OgdenRegional Medical Center--

ANDERSON, Holly and Michael, Farr West, boy, May 24.

ANDERSON, Stephanie and Jeffrey, Layton, boy, May 26.

BALDERREE, Amy and Peter, Clinton, boy, May 25.

BEAUMONT, Naomi, and CASTILLO, Lupe, North Ogden, boy, May 23.

BOWDEN, Amy and Troy, Ogden, girl, May 24.

BURTON, Tamara and Alan, Ogden, girl, May 24.

CARPENTER, Roxanne and Tray, Layton, boy, May 23.

CHACON, Jaclyn and Anthony, Washington Terrace, boy, May 20.

EVANS, Amy and Paul, Ogden, girl, May 20.

GUTIERREZ, Yvonne and Jose, Ogden, boy, May 21.

HALE, Valerie and Lance, Layton, boy, May 25.

HUNSAKER, Elizabeth and Val, Roy, girl, May 24.

IRSIK, Shellie and John, Clinton, girl, May 25.

JONES, Lisa and Ryan, Riverdale, girl, May 24.

LYNES, Lisa and Kenneth, Riverdale, girl, May 22.

RAMIREZ, Claudia and Hugo, Ogden, boy, May 21.

REEVES, Shannon and Patrick, Ogden, girl, May 21.

REYNOLDS, Kimberly and Lane, South Weber, boy, May 21.

RUIZ, Shantel and Edwin, Layton, girl, May 22.

SORENSEN, Katrina and Timothy, Ogden, girl, May 25.

STOKES, Aileen and Travis, Clinton, girl, May 24.

SUASTE, Jacqueline and Rogelio, Ogden, boy, May 25.

WALTON, Gentry and Bret, Clearfield, girl, May 24.

WARD, Carrie, and HARRIS, Michael, Ogden, boy, May 25.

ZOLLINGER, Eeva-Leena and Orvid, Fruit Heights, girl, May 21.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital--

ALONZO, Guadalupe, and TENANGUENO, Lorenzo, Park City, boy, May 28.

ATTEY, Sharla and John, Sandy, girl, May 28.

AUBREY, Rebekah and Jon, West Jordan, boy, May 28.

BOWEN, Casey, Salt Lake City, girl, May 27.

BRIMHALL, Carolyn and Troy, Salt Lake City, girl, May 31.

BURK, Althea Rae, Salt Lake City, girl, May 29.

COLMENARES, Elizabeth, and WOLFSON, Allen, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 16.

DABLER, Stephanie and James, West Jordan, boy, May 30.

GEETING, Bonnie and Jared, St. George, boy, May 13.

GRAHAM, Leticia, West Valley City, boy, May 31.

HALL, Patricia and Randy, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.

KESLER, Trudie and Eddie, Sandy, boy, May 29.

MARTIN, Collette and Todd, West Valley City, girl, May 30.

MERCER, Amanda, Salt Lake City, boy, May 31.

NAGLE, Janna and Bret, Midvale, girl, May 28.

PATTEN, Laura and Scott, Midvale, boy, May 28.

PEPA, Mela and Taneila, Sandy, girl, May 31.

SPRADLING, Charity Lyn, Magna, boy, May 30.

WEISS, Heather Jo and Kerry, Riverton, girl, May 28.

WORKMAN, Lindsay and Scott, Sandy, boy, May 27.

LDS Hospital--

BELL, Tamara and Dana, Bountiful, boy, June 3.

BICKEL, April and Jeffery, boy, June 3.

CAJARVILCA, Pilar, and FERNANDEZ, Morini, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

CERVANTES, Jennifer and Jose, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

CHAPPELL, Allison and Jeffery, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

CHRISTENSEN, Mandi and Brandon, Centerville, boy, June 2.

CLAYTON, Joanna and Tad, Bountiful, boy, June 3.

COOPER, Marie and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

DAMRON, Denise and Mark, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

DYE, Karen and Keenan, Farmington, girl, June 2.

ERICHSEN, Paula and Allan, Tooele, girl, June 2.

GALLEGO, Dara and Pete, Sandy, girl, June 3.

GREEN, Emily and Christopher, Bountiful, boy, June 2.

HORTA, Ana, Wendover, Nev., girl, June 3.

IRIZARRY, Angel and Vincent, Taylorsville, girl, June 2.

LEPORE, Dana and Michael, Taylorsville, girl, June 2.

McEUEN, Allison and Andrew, Murray, boy, June 3.

MOSHNER, Jolynn and Brad, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

NELSON, Malia and Brian, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

NORDFORS, Tamara and Rodney, Bountiful, boy, June 3.

RIDE, Tasha, and LEE, Brian, North Salt Lake, girl, June 3.

ROWBERRY, Emily and Gregory, Grantsville, boy, June 3.

SAMPSON, Noelle, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

SCHUH, Jennifer and Stephen, Centerville, boy, June 3.

SIAL, Durr and Irshad, Salt Lake City, boy, June 3.

SMOOT, Tracine and Stanley, Bountiful, boy, June 2.

STARKS, Patricia and Jack, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

STARTUP, Nichole and Daniel, Tooele, boy, June 2.

SUMMERS, Kari and Anthony, Magna, girl, June 3.

SWARTZ, Sherie and Christopher, Kearns, boy, June 2.

SYDDALL, Robyn and Brian, West Valley City, boy, June 2.

THOMAS, Tiffani and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, June 2.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center--

BORIS, Julie and Scott, West Jordan, boy, May 19.

BYBEE, Laura and Richard, Salt Lake City, boy, May 21.

DAVIS, Lisa and Brent, Kaysville, girl, May 18.

DIEHL, Kristie, and NICHOLS, Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, May 19.

DIXON, Tamara and Tamario, Salt Lake City, girl, May 20.

FARNSWORTH, Erica and Christopher, Midvale, girl, May 19.

FERRARO, Teresa and James, Bountiful, girl, May 21. HARROP, Dalyce and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl, May 18.

HARVEY, Denise and Milton, West Valley City, girl, May 20.

JOHNSON, Alicia, West Valley City, boy, May 19.

KAUTZMAN, Katherine and Scott, West Valley City, boy, May 10.

KING, Debra and Johnny, Salt Lake City, boy, May 19.

LARSEN, Connie and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, May 20.

LINDGREN, Jessica and Peter, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

MECHAM, Tamara and Robert, Bountiful, boy, May 18.

MESQUITA, Wendy and Jose, Salt Lake City, boy, May 19.

MORGAN, Natalie and Daniel, Park City, girl, May 18.

O'HARA, Penny and Timothy, Wendover, girl, May 19.

PETERSEN, Traci and Sean, Riverton, boy, May 20.

RIVAS, Rachelle, Salt Lake City, boy, May 20.

RUESGA, Angela, Salt Lake City, girl, May 20.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center--

ALLRED, Deborah and Nathan, Lehi, girl, May 26.

BALSER, Cassandra and John, Provo, girl, May 28.

BIGLER, Jennifer and Brandon, Payson, girl, May 27.

BURROUGHS, Janeal and John, Spanish Fork, boy, May 26.

COOK, Ashlee and Travis, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 26.

CRUZ, Tatiana and Eduardo, Provo, boy, May 27.

DURAN, Dawn and Carlos, Orem, boy, May 26.

ESCOBAR, Sonja and Helama, Provo, girl, May 26.

FALES, Christine and Gary, Provo, boy, May 28.

GALLOWAY, Jillian and Nathan, Santaquin, boy, May 28.

HANCOCK, Heidi and Harry, Spanish Fork, girl, May 28.

HARDMAN, Krista and Wayne, Springville, boy, May 26.

HOOVER, Berta and Clarke, Payson, boy, May 26.

JOHANSEN, Heidi and Jeremy, Springville, boy, May 26.

KIMBALL, Regan and Benjamin, Provo, boy, May 26.

LAMBERT, Jennifer and Aaron, Lehi, girl, May 28.

LARSEN, Marian and Edward, Mapleton, girl, May 26.

LINDSEY, Deanna and Thomas, Springville, girl, May 26.

MILLA, Cecilia and Gabriel, Orem, girl, May 28.

MOTTO, Andrea and Kevin, Lindon, girl, May 27.

NIELSEN, Jody and Jared, Spanish Fork, boy, May 26.

NIELSEN, Kathleen and Steven, Provo, girl, May 27.

PALOMINO, Janet and Diego, Provo, girl, May 26.

PASKETT, Shelly and Chad, Springville, boy, May 26.

SAGE, Monica and Scott, Payson, boy, May 27.

SMITH, Catherine and Aaron, Provo, boy, May 26.

SMITH, Shelli and Ryan, Provo, twins, two girls, May 27.

SORENSON, Janette and Larry, Orem, boy, May 26.

STEVENSON, Kim and Mark, Payson, boy, May 27.

STRINGHAM, Rachelle and Douglas, Orem, boy, May 28.

SWALLOW, Kristina and Jason, Provo, girl, May 27.

THOMPSON, Marianne and Joseph, Provo, girl, May 27.

WEBSTER, Jonette and Clinton, Orem, boy, May 26.

WILLIAMS, Kerstin and Brent, Provo, girl, May 27.

WYALL, Leslie and John, Orem, triplets, three boys, May 26.