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'Assigned value' isn't valid

The headline "Value of Micron plant plummets" in the June 5 Deseret News is misleading. "Assigned value" would be accurate. It is the government-assigned inconsistent assessment methods that created the $324 million decrease in "value." The real estate market itself has taken few or no dips in market value over the past year and has increased in most areas. The "true" market value did not plummet as implied. I think we can also agree that this 61 percent decrease in assessed value from $532 million to $208.4 million is not due to one year's physical depreciation to the real estate. It should be apparent that the main criticism is not with the headline writer but with the inconsistent assessment methods that create the need for this type of article to begin with. Both market value and value-in-use are being applied schizophrenicly, when only market value should be applied.Clark Richardson