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Fruit Heights to review $1.1 million budget plan
Proposal includes cash for road and waterline projects

FRUIT HEIGHTS -- The City Council will consider approval of a $1.1 million budget for 1999-2000 at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 15, at City Hall.

The proposed budget includes no tax or fee increases.According to City Manager Richard Marchant, the new budget is typical of the past few years. It's balanced and adequate but not elaborate.

"There's nothing startling about it," he said. "It's not earthshaking."

He said among the budget highlights is $190,000 in road improvements. This will include some substantial overlays and repaving throughout the city.

However, although that money is being allocated, Marchant said the specific streets it will be used on are not yet identified. The road work will be done this season, though.

Another highlight is some major waterline work.

Residents of Ellison Farms, located west of U.S. 89 and south of 400 North, should have better culinary water pressure later this year. That's because the city will spend $96,900 to extend the waterline from U.S. 89 to Ellison Farms. The subdivision will then have two waterlines serving it.

"They've always had a bit of a problem with water flow," Marchant said.

Another $105,000 is part of the new fiscal year budget to replace an aging waterline on Upper Green Road, east of U.S. 89.

Marchant said residents may not see the results of this maintenance project, but it will mean residents in that area will continue to have adequate water.

He said the city budget hasn't included big capital improvement projects in recent years, but the city is doing all it can with its resources to keep the city healthy and operating.