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Thanks, KUTV, for support

SHARE Thanks, KUTV, for support

I would like to provide your readers with an update on my commentary "Give candidates 5 minutes each night on TV — that's all" (Deseret News, Sunday, Oct. 1).

KUTV Ch. 2 has signed on to the 5/30 standard, pledging to air 5 minutes a night of candidates discussing issues in the 30 days before the election. We would like to commend KUTV for taking an important step toward creating a new kind of political campaign on television — a contest of issues and ideas rather than money and ads.

By supporting the 5/30 initiative, KUTV has put the public interest first. We hope to see Utah's other television stations follow their lead by using the public's airwaves to provide regular, issue-oriented candidate coverage, giving voters the information they need to make informed decisions on Election Day.

Jeanna Nixon

project coordinator,

Utah Alliance for Better Campaigns

Salt Lake City