Temple Har Shalom of Park City has been selected to receive a Holocaust Torah from the Czech Republic — on permanent loan — when a scroll becomes available.

The Jewish Temple, at 1922 Prospector Ave., was informed of the honor through a letter recently from the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London.

The Torah, a scroll flawlessly handwritten on parchment by a scribe, contains Jewish civil and religious law and describes the early history and origins of the Jewish people. The Torah consists of five books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

During World War II, 1,564 Czech Torah scrolls were hidden to keep them safe from the Nazis. The scrolls were then stored in the Michele Synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic, from 1945-1964, when the Czech Memorial Scrolls Center in London acquired them and began the painstaking task of restoration.

"When Temple Har Shalom is fortunate enough to receive a Czech Torah, we would be the sole congregation in Utah and several adjoining states to have one of these scrolls," said Linda Blonsley, president of the Park City congregation.