The wisdom of the Founding Fathers in establishing the Electoral College is evident during this current struggle, particularly in a volatile info-tech age.

The college, in my opinion, provides an opportunity for calm reflection during impassioned times. I disagree with our governor; an electoral majority for Bush (I favored Gore) should not cause an inherent difficulty in governance.

That problem has been resolved twice in our history.

First, John Adams would not follow the advice of Hamilton and others in the House decision of the impasse of 1800 (a Federalist president pro-tem); Thomas Jefferson did not authorize his approval for the mobilization of militias in Virginia and Pennsylvania if the Federalists refused to follow the constitutional protocol for resolving the issue in the House.

Second, the will of one man, Abraham Lincoln, imposed on this union the undeniable reality that American elections and their results are sacrosanct: this union is indivisible, and we as Americans live by the rule of law. As a result, one American nation was destroyed in the South, and a new American nation arose from the cooling ashes of the Civil War.

Fellow Utahns, let the Constitution prevail, and we will be fine.

James B. Young