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Gore, cheaters never win

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What a shameful process of counting dimpled ballots and trying to determine the candidate the voter meant to choose.

I coach an AYSO girl's soccer team where I stress the importance of playing fair and obeying the rules. We have not won a game yet, but we have come very close and really wanted to score more goals. We just could not get the ball to cross the line more often.

I have reviewed all of the games when we meant to score a goal and have decided that they should have been goals. I am positive that we had greater intentions of scoring than the other teams so I have decided to go back, change the outcomes of the games and tell my girls that we are now undefeated! It's a great feeling to be a winner.

Of course, none of my players would want to win a game this way because it would not be fair. I tell them that if the next president of the United States can win this way, then why shouldn't we follow his example?

I always taught my kids that cheaters never won. I guess we'll soon see.

Greg Anderson