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9 Utah patents include an adjustable drawer organizer

SHARE 9 Utah patents include an adjustable drawer organizer

Utah inventors were collectively awarded nine patents on Oct. 10. U.S. patents are granted each Tuesday.

Arrangements and methods for inflatable device formation of inflation gas. Karl K. Rink, Liberty; David J. Green, Brigham City; Michael J. Ward, Liberty. Assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc., Ogden. Filed Aug. 25, 1998. Patent No. 6,129,380.

Folding motor vehicle entry seat for persons who use wheelchairs and others who have physical limitations. Steven J. Townsend, Salt Lake City. Filed July 21, 1999. Patent No. 6,129,403.

Adjustable drawer organizer. Gayle Rosenberg, Secaucus, N.J.; Eli Pine, Nutley, N.J.; Dale C. Gledhill, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Dynatec International Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 22, 1999, a continuation of Patent No. 5,887,961, filed March 17, 1998, which is a continuation of Patent No. 5,738,425, filed Aug. 9, 1996. Patent No. 6,129,433.

Switch-operated member with status light pipe incorporated therein. Douglas S. Reynolds, Clinton. Assigned to Iomega Corp., Roy. Filed Nov. 13, 1998. Patent No. 6,129,440.

Oral care system. David Cise, Sandy; Gene Stewart, Midvale; Warren Grant, Lehi; Sydnee McMillan, Sandy. Assigned to Ballard Medical Products, Draper. Filed May 6, 1997. Patent No. 6,129,547.

Portable persistaltic pump for peritoneal dialysis. Levoy G. Haight, West Jordan; Royce Herbst, Alpine; Reed F. Winterton, Salt Lake City; James L. Sorenson, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Sorenson Development Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 31, 1997. Patent No. 6,129,699.

Amphipathic oligonucleotides and polynucleotides having potent antiviral activity. Arthur D. Broom, Salt Lake City; Robyn Thorpe, Salt Lake City. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 10, 1999. Patent No. 6,130,324.

Method of producing a tocopherol product. Jeffrey C. Hunsicker, Naperville, Ill.; John F. Verhoeven, Ivins, Washington County; F. Scott McCunn, Phoenix. Assigned to Henkel Corp., Gulph Mills, Pa. Filed Aug. 29, 1996, a continuation of application No. 430,213, filed April 26, 1995, now abandoned. Patent No. 6,130,343.

Method and apparatus for improving a transmission data rate of baseband data in a wireless network. Larry Steve Thomson, Bountiful. Assigned to 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Ca. Filed July 10, 1997. Patent No. 6,130,916.

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