Murray parents are invited to workshops to help their children with reading.

The school district is introducing Murray Literacy Nights for parents of elementary schoolchildren. The sessions, taught by district reading specialists, come under a Goals 2000 grant, Horizon Elementary reading coordinator Darle Taylor said.

"Children having parents at home working with them do better in reading," she said.

The workshops include breakout sessions on a variety of ways to help children notch up literacy skills, from games and reading aloud to word-play activities and comprehension building strategies.

The workshops follow "wildly popular" preschool literacy nights for parents, McMillan Elementary reading coordinator Jennifer Kranz said. The preschool-parent sessions have been running for four years, with around 40 parents attending at each school.

The sessions are scheduled Thursday, Nov. 9, at Horizon Elementary (5180 S. 700 West) and Tuesday, Nov. 14, at Parkside Elementary (5175 S. 495 East ). Both two-hour workshops begin at 6 p.m.

Dinner will be served. Child care, transportation and interpreters will be provided to families requesting them. Schools sent home fliers with children last week.

For more information, please call Kranz at 264-7430, or phone your neighborhood school's reading coordinator.