I was so disappointed to read Brad Rock's column on the last game of the season for BYU and LaVell Edwards. I hope that this column was just a slip of the pen into the mud that took you by surprise and slipped into print.

Even as I wrote this letter I experienced how easy it is to vent our negative feelings in clever, cutting and destructive ways. I feel that our world, including the sports world, would be a far better place if this brand of journalism was avoided.

What joy do we as a society receive from berating, demeaning and degrading individuals? Especially those who are still quite young who put themselves in front of a lot of people to play a game they enjoy.

Why do we take the chance to kick at those who have slipped from top of the heap? Especially one in particular who has spent his life helping young people learn that they can create a meaningful life on and off the field?

If all this positivity offends us, couldn't we just change the channel or find another story to cover or read?

Please report positively on good, uplifting events and emotions. Ones that naturally come from honest individuals who choose to demonstrate their love and respect for a coach who has led the Cougars through many wonderful and some difficult years.

I hope that when it comes time for each of us to leave our chosen professions that we have left a legacy so great that others will look sadly forward to work without us and want to spend some significant effort letting us know we will be missed.

Marie Shiraki