Editor's note: To commemorate the 150th year of continuous publication, The Deseret News is reprinting some of the letters to the editor published through the years.

It seems good sense to all of us that it is far better to work to prevent a crime than spend all of our effort in punishment after it occurred.

I am writing this to give our city police department a very sincere pat on the back for their policy of trying to check some crime before it can happen.

I was out of town for a few weeks last summer and I notified the police department before leaving. Everyday of my absence the police drove by my house and checked it to prevent vandalism before it got started. Yes, it took some of their time but it's likely that such a policy as this has helped to prevent crime in the city.

I, for one, say thank you, officers, for this fine work in making Salt Lake City a better place to live.

Kirt D. Wood

Nov. 27, 1957