Thanksgiving has just passed, and our nation celebrated a purely American celebration that never passes without elementary students dressing up like Pilgrims and Indians and learning about our country's meager beginnings. They learn that two different peoples with different languages, beliefs and values learned to work together and celebrated that cooperation in a wonderful feast. Another Thanksgiving has passed, but the focus has changed. This year many people say the election has left our country divided, and it will be a whole lot of trouble to bridge the gap.

Are we really that divided? We all vote for who we believe will do the best job and, though we may not always agree with what the government does, we all live in what we know to be one of the most — if not the most — just and free nation in the world. Maybe we could remember this during this holiday season and try to work together a little bit more.

Maybe, like the pilgrims and Indians so long ago, we will discover that our nation isn't as divided as we think.

Meagan Thorup